Big cash prizes and interesting tournaments, the buzz around RummyCircle never seem to fade out. From new tournaments, various offers and loads of rewards, there is something to make every player feel special. So, what are the highlights of the coming weeks? Let’s take a quick look and check it here


Sunday Masters


This week Sunday Masters is giving away ASUS Zenfone 2 for its tournament winner. Further, there are cash prizes over 2 lakhs for winners as well. The entry fee to the tournament is as low Rs. 10/- The game starts at 3 PM while the registrations open from 11 AM on the very same day.

Weekend Loot

Every Saturday, players get the opportunity to win the Weekend Loot Premium tournament. There are different entry fee starting from Rs. 100. Prizes start from 1.2 lakh along with tickets. These tickets give entry to the grand Finale that is held every Sunday for the winners. All ticket holders can play in the Sunday Finale and win cash prizes up to 2.5 lakh. The grand finale is held from 8 PM and registration starts from 6 PM onwards.

Club Bonuses

it’s not just the tournaments but the club bonuses as well that make RummyCircle games so unique. This month from 17th to 20 March, there are Club Bonus giveaways for different club members. Players of the respective clubs need to deposit cash in that stipulated time and on adding a promo code is given an additional bonus that can be used to play 13 card game for cash. .

Friday Bonus

This bonus offer will run on 24th March from 7 to 11 PM. This is an exclusive club offer with bonuses as per different club tiers. The bonus amount is 15% for each club. All players need to deposit cash during the given period with the promocode to avail the offer.

Sunday Bonus

There is a special Sunday Bonus that is going to run from 4 to 10 PM on 26th March. All cash players are eligible for this bonus offer. Players need to add cash and use the promo code to get additional bonus amount in their account. This bonus amount can be used to play cash games. However, the additional amount has a validity of 4 days.

Exclusive Bonus

A fun way to close the month with the Exclusive Bonus offer. The offer is for 29th March from 7 to 11 PM, open for all cash players. All players who make a deposit at this period with the applicable promo code will get a bonus of 20%. This bonus can then be used to further play cash games.

The offers and bonuses offered by RummyCircle keep getting better and better with every month. New deals, bigger cash prizes and challenging games, there is always something happening here.

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