Welcome to India’s Largest Rummy Website: RummyCircleEdit

RummyCircle is India’s largest rummy website with over 5 million registered players. Coming under the parent company Play Games24x7

Do you love to play Rummy? Do you want to play big tournaments with real cash prizes? Do you want to compete with players from all across India? Well, look no further. RummyCircle is the answer to all your rummy requirements.

What is RummyCircle?Edit

RummyCircle is India’s largest rummy website with over 5 million registered players. Coming under the parent company Play Games24x7, the website hosts large cash games and tournaments for its players round the clock. Play Games24x7 was launched in 2006 and is an online and gaming platform, giving players an awesome gaming experience. Today, RummyCircle hosts large tournaments, and different cash games for players to enjoy at just about any time of the day. With Free Registration, Special Joining Bonus and many more benefits, players just make this as their favourite rummy destination.

How to get started with RummyCircle?Edit

Getting started with RummyCircle is pretty simple. All you have to do is register on the website absolutely Free and get started. The registration is easy with just username, password and email address. Of course, players also get a welcome bonus of Rs, 1000/- that can be used to play cash games. Read rummy rules to be master in rummy.

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RummyCircle - Full Game Demo

How to play cash games on the site?Edit

With so many cash tournaments running continuously on the website, players want to play more and more. So, to get you started a player needs to make a first deposit of Rs. 25/- and start playing cash games. The player also has Rs.1000/- bonus amount to enter cash games. RummyCircle believes in responsible playing and the system by default selects an add cash limit for player as per the history and records. There are two types of add cash limit, monthly limit and daily limit. Once a player logs in, he’ll be able to see his limit from account settings.Learn how to play rummy online at RummyCircle by online rummy tutorials and watching videos on

How to enter cash games and tournaments?Edit

Once a player has registered itself as a cash player, he can play as many cash tournaments as he wants. A player who wants to play cash games, needs to have cash in his account before he registers himself for a game. All cash tournaments and games have a registration window that opens a day to hours in advance. Player needs to block his seat for the game and then just enter the tournament at the stipulated time.

How do transactions take place?Edit

All cash transactions on the website go through a secure payment gateway. There are many different means of transacting on the account. A player can select credit cards, debit cards, NEFT and pre-paid cash card transactions. Hence, a player goes through the exact same process as any other online website.

What about withdrawals?Edit

A player can put in the request for withdrawal of his winning amount and it would be transferred by NEFT or account payee cheque. Once notified, post verification, cash is transferred to the player’s account within 24 hours.

Can you play non-cash games as well?Edit

Yes, absolutely! RummyCircle gives the option to play practice tournaments to improve your rummy skills. Once a player is comfortable playing rummy games, he can enter cash tournaments. There are also beginner tournaments, that are exclusively made for beginner level players and there are assured prizes for all players. Also, there is no entry fee. Hence, you get the feel of a real cash game without paying any registration fee.

What are the different cash tournaments?Edit

There are a number of cash tournaments running on the RummyCircle website continuously. Along with it, there are also tournaments arranged for festivals like Diwali, Holi etc. To make the most of these tournaments, player should check alerts and emails that are continuously shared. Some of the regular running tournaments include:

• Jumbo Tournaments: These tournaments run from Monday to Saturday for cash prizes from 50,000 to 10 lakh. Players need to register for the campaigns and play as per schedule. •

Daily Jackpot: As the name suggests, this tournament runs daily, eight times a day and the registration starts Free. Total cash prizes range over 35,000 every day.

• Friday Favorites: This tournament runs every Friday evening and the prize pool award is up to 1.5 lakh. Registration is free for this tournament. • Weekender Tournaments: This tournament happens every Saturday morning with prizes up to 10 lakh. Entry is free for the tournament and there is an assured prize for each player.

• Sunday Masters: This tournament has cash prizes up to 2 lakh and also special rewards like smartphones given every week. There is a small entry fee for this tournament. There are other tournaments running like Rummy Nights, Rummy Powerplay etc. Register and play the latest tournaments on RummyCircle.

Special Bonus GiveawaysEdit

Just like the tournaments, there are special bonus giveaways every month. These bonuses change month on month and are available for a limited period of time. From cashbacks to 200% bonus amount, there is lot to look forward to.

Try the Cool and All New RummyCircle AppEdit

Giving flexibility of playing from anywhere and anytime, RummyCircle has an all new mobile application that can be downloaded by simply giving a missed call


on 08080894422. This app is only available for Android mobile users for now. Just download the app and sync in your RummyCircle account. A player can enjoy multi-player and multi-table games at the same time. The application is fast, secure and works even with a 2G connection. Come and be part of the largest rummy online world. Play games, win prizes and enjoy cash rewards with 100% fair play and challenging games. Join us Today!

Latest activityEdit

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