• Best site to play rummy

As the adage goes “Life is a circle”, no matter wherever you go on searching to find a better Rummy portal, you will end up landing on “RummyCircle” that is recognized nationally as the ultimate web portal to play this wonderful skill game comfortably. Perhaps that is why the word “circle” is immediately suffixed with Rummy. There is no other online web portal in India which is so well customized to bring you loads of excitement and fun. There are numerous reasons as to why it remains the portal to beat among numerous other Rummy sites. Listing below are some of the salient features which give RummyCircle a clear edge over their competitors.

The RummyCircle App:

Having realised that it is no more a desktop world, RummyCircle has developed a fabulous APP which is operative on any Android supporting mobiles. With the advent of this app, which arrived in the market a couple of years ago, the popularity of RummyCircle has grown immensely. The beauty of this app is it that it permits the game to be played even on a slow 2G connection. So, it goes without saying, you need not buy a sophisticated mobile to have this app installed. Just ensure you are buying a touchscreen mobile. What are you waiting for? Just give a missed call to 08080894422 to download rummy app and have an awesome Rummy experience..

Rummy lessons:

Even a layman who has little knowledge about Rummy can understand A to Z of Rummy just by going through the tutorials published out there. There are several videos available for him to learn the rummy rules of the game and how it should be played. Just by playing a few practice games from the expertise that he has gained by reading the rummy lessons, he can become an expert in the days to come.

Constantly floating fresh tournaments:

Even while playing an exciting game like Rummy, boredom does set in as familiarity, after all, breeds contempt, isn’t it? RummyCircle does not give you even a slightest of chance to get bored as it keeps coming up with fresh tournaments every weekend and equally enchanting ones during the festive season. Each of the tournaments come up with a very nominal entry fee giving you a chance to win big. Forget about what you win, you should be thrilled to know that each of the tournament is unique in its own right and so you never get tired of playing rummy online in this magnificent one stop platform called RummyCircle.

Customer Support

Any online site is prone to bugs and so you need external support to come out of it. RummyCircle team is providing 24x7 customer support which can fix and resolve issues in 24 hours’ no matter how grave the issue is. Not only bugs, any issues related to dues and payments and even unforeseen situations are handled by the team who are better equipped to provide a solution to challenging rummy problems. This promptness in handling customers’ grievances is absent in other Rummy portals which is one of the reasons why RummyCircle is loved the most.

Secured features:

It is the safety of your transactions that as a member of any online portal you are always concerned about. RummyCircle is equally bothered about maintaining the customers’ records and so it provides a high proof security blanket where the transactions go through a secured gateway ensuring 100 percent safety. No third party can have access to any of your private records.

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